Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thankfully it's Thanksgiving!

I don't know about you, but I'm so thankful to have a WHOLE week off for Thanksgiving! There's nothing I love more than a vacation!  

                                 Here are a few highlights from the month of November...
 During the month of November my bookshelf was stocked with all of my go to Thanksgiving books. I love seasonal books, but doesn't everyone?! Maybe... that's just me?

We read The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving book in small sections, so we could focus on important information.
First, we read about the Mayflower.  I created this anchor chart to record what they learned.  They helped me write the beginning sounds of some of the words.  

Check out this cute turkey directed drawing.  I also had my class practice writing a sentence that described their turkey's. 

I read the The Littlest Pilgrim to my class, and had them recall one thing that the main character Mini was too little to do.  They drew it on a Post- it and added it to our chart. 

Every year I assign a family project to make a turkey.  Once the turkeys are made they bring it back to class to share.  I  also give them the opportunity to write about their turkey in their journals.  

Check out these turkeys they're amazing!

My class each made a placemat to use at our feast.  We also made cornbread muffins, butter and pumpkin pie to eat.

During the feast they wore their pattern noodle necklace along with the hat they made.

Have you ever read Duck for Turkey Day? It's one of my favorite Thanksgiving books to read to my class. After,  reading it we created this story map. 

Finally, it's vacation time!



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