Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Random

Lately, in Kindergarten world we have been learning a whole bunch of new things like the LOVE story of Q & U.  Have you ever said the word, "LOVE" around 5 & 6 year olds? Take it from me it's one of those words that triggers the "eewww," "ahhhh" and "awww" reaction, which lets be honest is pretty darn funny! I told my class the timeless story of how Q met U and fell in LOVE and eventually got married. What you see below are the story props that I used to tell my story.  Nothing fancy... just Q & U.  

Besides the wedding of Q & U we started our Valentines Day centers! My class...dare I say loved the center below.  They practiced putting the sentence together and then choosing a picture of a classmate to put at the end of the sentence.  
Last week we started to learn about the different parts of a sentence primarily focusing on nouns.  
During center time my class created their very own version of "Noun Town." I gave them a bunch of paper and let them draw whatever nouns they could think of to make our town complete.  I got this idea from the blog First Grader... at Last!.  I love how it turned it out!

Miss H.