Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sink or Float?

Mission:  To see what objects sink or float.

The scientist in my classroom performed an experiment to see what items would sink or float.  The results were staggering!!!!

Before my little scientists could begin their experiment they had to learn a few key concepts to develop an understanding of why some items sink and some float.  We discussed what the words heavy and light meant, and predicted what objects on the chart  (MacMillan McGraw- Hill) pictured above would sink or float.  

Each pair of scientists were given a tray with a tub of water and different objects to experiment with.
They recorded their observations of the worksheet pictured above.  

At the end of the experiment I encouraged my scientists to freely explore the objects.

We wrapped up our experiment by watching a BrainPop Jr. titled Sink or Float.  

Miss H.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter in Kindergarten

Here is a picture of my winter bulletin board.  I modeled it after the book Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  
We read many books about the winter season and then recorded what we learned on the chart pictured above.  The snowflakes were made with watercolors and glitter.  I love how sparkly they are!

On this cold winter day we painted snowmen.  After they had dried I had the kids estimate how many cubes high their snowman was and then measure to see if they were correct. I found this idea on Mrs. Lee's Kinderkids blog

Here is a picture of our winter words.  My kinders use these words for writing in their journals.

My class learned about penguins.  Here is a glimpse of what what we did.
We read an array of non fiction books.

I always love how this art project turns out! If you want an explanation on how to make this check my post on Penguins. 

My kinders loved this movie I found on You Tube about the Emperor Penguins.

 We recorded what we learned on this anchor chart.              

Here is the poem we added to our poetry books.  We made up fun movements to help us remember the

We diagramed the parts of a penguin.

I'll leave you with one last movie I found on You Tube about the Emperor Penguins.  Trust me you'll love it!

Miss H.