Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! My class has been having a ball with all of the holiday festivities! Check out what we  have been up to...

  We found this box sitting outside our classroom door.  When I told them it was a special delivery from Santa the kids lost it! There was a lot of screaming and jumping for joy.  When they FINALLY calmed down I opened the box and found a letter inside.  The letter informed the class that Santa sent a special visitor to watch them and report back to him if they were nice or naughty.  The label that you see above  was from Kindergarten Craze and the letter and worksheet that you see below is a freebie from The First Grade Parade.

Once we read the letter the kids searched around the room and found our elf that they lovingly called "Santa Girl" on the flag pole.  She was there the entire morning and none of the kids saw her ha!
Each day Santa Girl moved around the classroom  to watch the class.  The picture above shows a few of the spots we found her in.  

On the last day of school before Winter break began Santa Girl wrote the class a goodbye letter.  The kids were sad to see her go but I assured them she would be around next year!  Santa Girl was kind enough to leave them a very special gift... a bell from Santa's sleigh! 

Another fun activity that I enjoy doing with my class every year is making gingerbread houses.  We started out with a ton of candy.  Take a look how the gingerbread houses turned out...

Do you think they could have put anymore candy? Ha!
We went on our first field trip of the year... a sleigh ride! Many of the kids thought it was going to take off and fly but I told them only Santa's sleigh would do that. 

Check out the festive Christmas trees that my class made. 

This was one of the go to centers of the week!  It's so simple... the kids decorated the tree by coloring ornaments.  When they were finished we graphed how many of each kind of ornament was on the tree!  

Merry Christmas!

Miss. H