Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's a Pirates Life For Me!

The last day of school is approaching quickly, needless to say, my sweet class and I are ready for summer!!! Although, they don't want kindergarten to end I know they are ready for their next adventure... 1st GRADE!! The count down has officially begun and their last days of kindergarten are going to be filled with fun, fun and more fun! 

Have you ever dressed up like a pirate and gone to work? 

Sounds weird but that's exactly what I did. 
I did it for the children... I tell you!!
I love to start out a theme with a good book to get the class excited about what we are about to learn. In this case we read How I Became a Pirate. 

Let me set the scene...
me dressed in a pirate hat, wearing a sword and I can't forget about the eye patch.

Please don't attempt to wear an eye patch and read a book... it's a tough one!

After we read our story we did a story map of How I became a Pirate... and of course I forgot to take a picture oops!

Moving right along...

My kindergarten pirates were very excited to go on a treasure/ "ar" word hunt.  I hung "ar" words around the room and gave each one a map.  They walked around the room looking for the word that matched the picture and wrote it one the line.  
Here is a picture of the map that the kids used for their hunt... I'll be the first to admit that I'm no artist but it served it's purpose.

We sorted good manners and bad manners... and boy did I get some funny answers! Apparently, picking your nose, IF you don't have a kleenex is not bad manners, especially is no one sees you doing it. This cute idea came from the blog Crazy Speech World.

Next, we played a game that I designed to have them practice their addition and subtraction skills.  First, I put them in groups of 3 and assigned them a color. Next, I would have all the groups turn over the first circle and write the addition/ subtraction fact in their math journal and work out the problem. If the team got the answer correct they got to keep the gold coin.  Whoever had the most coins at the end won the game. I love this game for the mere fact that they were doing math and loving it!

I even threw in a few pirate themed centers that the kids flipped over!  This one in particular was a winner! The purpose of this center was to give them more practice reading "ar" words.  Here's how it works... one child rolls the die and moves that many spaces.  If they can read the word they can keep the coin. The person who has the most coins at the end wins.  I got the idea for making the "ar" pirate map from The Inspired Apple.

My class loves to write in their journals so today I asked them to write about what they would do if they were a pirate. 

Here's their responses...
This one in particular cracks me up!! If I was a pirate I would make Miss Hood swab the decks! 

This little girl likes to sing her sentences so from time to time she will write the word "music" to inform me to sing while I read her entry... precious!
This little girl amazes me because when she came into kindergarten she was still working on learning her letters and sounds and now she is writing sentences.

Here are a couple of fun pirate videos my class loved.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Random

Lately, in Kindergarten world we have been learning a whole bunch of new things like the LOVE story of Q & U.  Have you ever said the word, "LOVE" around 5 & 6 year olds? Take it from me it's one of those words that triggers the "eewww," "ahhhh" and "awww" reaction, which lets be honest is pretty darn funny! I told my class the timeless story of how Q met U and fell in LOVE and eventually got married. What you see below are the story props that I used to tell my story.  Nothing fancy... just Q & U.  

Besides the wedding of Q & U we started our Valentines Day centers! My class...dare I say loved the center below.  They practiced putting the sentence together and then choosing a picture of a classmate to put at the end of the sentence.  
Last week we started to learn about the different parts of a sentence primarily focusing on nouns.  
During center time my class created their very own version of "Noun Town." I gave them a bunch of paper and let them draw whatever nouns they could think of to make our town complete.  I got this idea from the blog First Grader... at Last!.  I love how it turned it out!

Miss H.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! My class has been having a ball with all of the holiday festivities! Check out what we  have been up to...

  We found this box sitting outside our classroom door.  When I told them it was a special delivery from Santa the kids lost it! There was a lot of screaming and jumping for joy.  When they FINALLY calmed down I opened the box and found a letter inside.  The letter informed the class that Santa sent a special visitor to watch them and report back to him if they were nice or naughty.  The label that you see above  was from Kindergarten Craze and the letter and worksheet that you see below is a freebie from The First Grade Parade.

Once we read the letter the kids searched around the room and found our elf that they lovingly called "Santa Girl" on the flag pole.  She was there the entire morning and none of the kids saw her ha!
Each day Santa Girl moved around the classroom  to watch the class.  The picture above shows a few of the spots we found her in.  

On the last day of school before Winter break began Santa Girl wrote the class a goodbye letter.  The kids were sad to see her go but I assured them she would be around next year!  Santa Girl was kind enough to leave them a very special gift... a bell from Santa's sleigh! 

Another fun activity that I enjoy doing with my class every year is making gingerbread houses.  We started out with a ton of candy.  Take a look how the gingerbread houses turned out...

Do you think they could have put anymore candy? Ha!
We went on our first field trip of the year... a sleigh ride! Many of the kids thought it was going to take off and fly but I told them only Santa's sleigh would do that. 

Check out the festive Christmas trees that my class made. 

This was one of the go to centers of the week!  It's so simple... the kids decorated the tree by coloring ornaments.  When they were finished we graphed how many of each kind of ornament was on the tree!  

Merry Christmas!

Miss. H

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oviparous Animals

Hi there! I'm excited to blog about one of my favorite units of study... OVIPAROUS animals! "What are they," and "What does this word mean,"... were the questions that we set out to find the answers to!  Rest assured it all worked out in the end and now my lovely kindergartners (which are now first graders!!) became mini experts about oviparous animals.  

I wanted to find an attention grabber to introduce what an oviparous animal is, so I searched a few blogs and low and behold found this great idea from Sprinkles to Kindergarten.  First, I found a large egg and filled it with animals that lay eggs.  My kinders made a few guesses about which animals lay eggs, then we opened it up and found out if their predictions were correct.

We sorted animal pictures into two categories, oviparous and non- oviparous. 

 I also put oviparous and non oviparous animals in eggs and the class sorted them.  This was a great center activity to practice what they had learned.

In the picture above the class picked one oviparous animal and drew a picture of it inside their egg.  Next, they wrote a sentence about what they had learned.

                  We learned about the life cycle of a chicken by reading these non fiction books.  
                            The picture below shows the life cycle of a chicken anchor chart .
Our oviparous animals unit culminated with a trip to the Farm where the kids got to hold a real chicken! This blew their minds!  Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend!

Miss H.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello! I can now say that my kindergarten class are experts on plants! Here are a few highlights of our plant unit.

My class had a ball planting grass and vegetables. They also enjoyed watching the roots sprout on the plants above. 

My kinders learned about the different parts of a plants, as well as, what a plant needs to survive.

They drew their own plant and labeled the parts.

After learning about plants we filled about this chart.  I got the labels for this chart from the blog  Golden Gang Kindergarten

My kinders filled out this worksheet using the chart from above. I found this worksheet at Golden Gang Kindergarten.  

Here are the plant books that I read to my class. I love the beautiful photographs in these books!

My kinders learned all about vegetables and fruits!  They came up with many great fruits and vegetables to add to our chart.  
My class learned how they eat the flowers, stems, and roots of plants! We made a chart to show the vegetables that fall into each category.  

To wrap up our plant unit I came up with a fun activity to test their knowledge on fruits and vegetables.   I gave each child a book that I called, "My Fruit and Vegetable Passport." Partners walked around the classroom looking for pictures that answered the questions in their passport.  

Once they found the picture they recored the name of the fruit or vegetable, and gave themselves a stamp.  Many of the class referred to our Fruit and Vegetable anchor chart to check their answers. 

My kinders gave this activity a two thumbs up!!

Miss H.