Saturday, May 30, 2015


We have 8 and 1/2 days until the last day of school!!  I'm not gonna lie I'm so EXCITED for summer!  It's not just me who is excited- my class thinks it's already summer break.  I have kids coming to school in sunglasses, tee shirts, and shorts like they just got back from a tropical vacation.  Look, I'm not knocking it, I feel the same way.  

Take a look...
This is a fantastic depiction of me through out the year.  


Let's move on to the farm. 

We started out our farm adventure by recording our schema on the chart above.

Here are some of my favorite fiction & non fiction farm books.  

We read a non fiction book about who lives on a farm and recorded our learning on the anchor chart above. 
Next, we filled out this chart after we read a book about baby animals.  They learned about what baby belonged to what adult.
My kinders graphed their favorite farm animal.  I found the pictures for the graph here

We learned about the different parts of a cow and labeled them on the diagram above.  

Then, we learned about the process of how we get milk.  

We read many books about the life cycle of a chicken. The books pictured above are my favorites. 

After reading about the chickens life cycle we filled out this anchor chart. 

We read the book Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller to learn about animals that are oviparous.  If you would like to check out how I taught my kinders about oviparous animals check out this post.  To demonstrate their understanding of oviparous animals each child completed the art/ writing above.

We went on a field trip to a farm. The kids had a blast!

Here's a picture of our farm board.  Each child made a farm animal.  

Check out our farm writings.

Happy Weekend!!


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