Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

Hi Everyone! I'm back (twice in one week!) with part 2 of our Thanksgiving celebration! I put my Kinders to work on making hats, necklaces, and cornbread for our feast.
 I always love to have my class make pattern macaroni necklaces to wear at our feast.  It's super easy to do! Put the macaroni in a Ziplock freezer bag, pour food dye onto the macaroni, (follow directions on the box) use alcohol or vinegar as the liquid.  Seal bag, massage the macaroni with dye. When finished lay the macaroni onto cardboard to dry. Next, prepare the string by dipping the edge of precut pieces into Elmers Glue. This creates a hard edge that makes it easier to string the macaroni.  When it comes time to have your class string their necklaces secure each pieces of string to the table with a piece of Masking Tape. Easy!
We couldn't go to our feast without the proper attire so we made hats.  My Kinders chose between a bonnet,  top hat, and Native American feather headdress. I bet you can guess what everyone wanted... Native American feather headdress of course!! 
 We made butter to go on our cornbread by taking turns shaking heavy whipping cream in a cold jar.  I even wrote a song that rocked, "Shake, Shake, Shake... the butter." It's pretty impressive... the Kinders loved it!
Weaving placements is a right of passage of Kinders!  It's great practice for fine motor control... and it's fun! 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss H.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Time!

I wanted to share with you what my Kindergarten class has been cooking up for Thanksgiving! Here are a few pictures.
I love to collect holiday books to read to my class.  The books pictured above are always a big hit with the Kinders!

Here are a few pictures of our turkey art!!

The handprint turkeys are one of my favorite art projects I think they are adorable! 
 I found the idea for the paper plate turkey on Pinterest (where else? :) I believe that the original idea came from Parents Magazine. 

Gobble, Gobble was the poem of the week!  

We used a picture graph to show who was staying or going out of town for Thanksgiving. 

Check out the turkeys the families in my class created! 

Miss H.

Monday, November 19, 2012

More Fall Fun!

 The month of October always flies by so quickly!  It's probably because of the non stop Fall activities that we do.  Here are a few of the highlights....
My kinders learned all about spiders by reading many interesting non fiction books.

This is a picture of an anchor chart that we created to chart our new learning.  

I had my sweet kinders make spiders out of different shapes.  I think they turned out so cute! 

Ok, I am a LITTLE behind posting my Fall activities.... bare with me! Here is one of the poems that we added to our poetry books. 

We measured the height of our pumpkin in cubes.  

We estimated how many pumpkins were in the jar.  

 Here is a picture of our Halloween art.  I found this craft on Pinterest and thought it was adorable.  

This is a picture of my BoardMath from a few weeks ago.  If you're interested in learning more about BoardMath click on my post from last year.

Check out our Halloween banner!  I love how it turned out!  All the classes made a banner that was hung up at our annual Halloween Carnival.

Hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my classroom during the month of October.

Miss H.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall in Kindergarten

This last month was filled with all things Fall.  We had so much fun learning about apples, pumpkins, seasons, and ofcourse Halloween.  
Here is a picture of my Fall bulletin board.  My kinders painted the pumpkins and leaves to go around the tree.  

We started out our Fall unit with a poem called A Fall of Colors.  

We sponge painted leaves in red, yellow, and brown to put on our Fall board.  

We kicked off our apple unit by estimating how many apples were in the jar.  I recorded their guesses and added them to the chart.  After all guesses were added to the chart we put them in order front least to greatest using the number line as our guide.  Putting a number line at the bottom of the chart was a genius idea I got from the Kindergals blog.  I told the kids that they could guess a number between 1 and 17, doing this eliminates guesses that are too high.  

Another fun part of learning about apples is tasting them! I had each child in my class bring in two apples of their choice.  After we read books about the different types of apples we did a taste test.  We tasted Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith apples and recored our results on the paper pictured above.  This comparing apples worksheet was found at Kinder Hoppenings blog.  

After tasting the three different kinds of apples we used a picture graph to figure out what kind of apple  the class like best.  
We learned about the different parts of an apple with this cute art project.  I found the apple vocabulary words on the blog Eberhart's Explorers.  

I love to have the kids taste different foods made from apples.  This year we tried carmel apples, apple juice, and homemade applesauce. My class has been learning about patterns so I was happy to find a apple pattern worksheet at Kinder Hoppenings.  They also made apple pattern hats (sorry no pic), and practiced weighing apples to see which was heavier or lighter.  

We learned about how an apple tree changes during each season.  I found this adorable art project from the blog Eberhart's Explorers it shows the seasons of an apple tree using handprints. The poem that you can barely see in the picture above can also be found on this blog.  

Miss H.