Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

Hi Everyone! I'm back (twice in one week!) with part 2 of our Thanksgiving celebration! I put my Kinders to work on making hats, necklaces, and cornbread for our feast.
 I always love to have my class make pattern macaroni necklaces to wear at our feast.  It's super easy to do! Put the macaroni in a Ziplock freezer bag, pour food dye onto the macaroni, (follow directions on the box) use alcohol or vinegar as the liquid.  Seal bag, massage the macaroni with dye. When finished lay the macaroni onto cardboard to dry. Next, prepare the string by dipping the edge of precut pieces into Elmers Glue. This creates a hard edge that makes it easier to string the macaroni.  When it comes time to have your class string their necklaces secure each pieces of string to the table with a piece of Masking Tape. Easy!
We couldn't go to our feast without the proper attire so we made hats.  My Kinders chose between a bonnet,  top hat, and Native American feather headdress. I bet you can guess what everyone wanted... Native American feather headdress of course!! 
 We made butter to go on our cornbread by taking turns shaking heavy whipping cream in a cold jar.  I even wrote a song that rocked, "Shake, Shake, Shake... the butter." It's pretty impressive... the Kinders loved it!
Weaving placements is a right of passage of Kinders!  It's great practice for fine motor control... and it's fun! 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss H.


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