Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall in Kindergarten

This last month was filled with all things Fall.  We had so much fun learning about apples, pumpkins, seasons, and ofcourse Halloween.  
Here is a picture of my Fall bulletin board.  My kinders painted the pumpkins and leaves to go around the tree.  

We started out our Fall unit with a poem called A Fall of Colors.  

We sponge painted leaves in red, yellow, and brown to put on our Fall board.  

We kicked off our apple unit by estimating how many apples were in the jar.  I recorded their guesses and added them to the chart.  After all guesses were added to the chart we put them in order front least to greatest using the number line as our guide.  Putting a number line at the bottom of the chart was a genius idea I got from the Kindergals blog.  I told the kids that they could guess a number between 1 and 17, doing this eliminates guesses that are too high.  

Another fun part of learning about apples is tasting them! I had each child in my class bring in two apples of their choice.  After we read books about the different types of apples we did a taste test.  We tasted Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith apples and recored our results on the paper pictured above.  This comparing apples worksheet was found at Kinder Hoppenings blog.  

After tasting the three different kinds of apples we used a picture graph to figure out what kind of apple  the class like best.  
We learned about the different parts of an apple with this cute art project.  I found the apple vocabulary words on the blog Eberhart's Explorers.  

I love to have the kids taste different foods made from apples.  This year we tried carmel apples, apple juice, and homemade applesauce. My class has been learning about patterns so I was happy to find a apple pattern worksheet at Kinder Hoppenings.  They also made apple pattern hats (sorry no pic), and practiced weighing apples to see which was heavier or lighter.  

We learned about how an apple tree changes during each season.  I found this adorable art project from the blog Eberhart's Explorers it shows the seasons of an apple tree using handprints. The poem that you can barely see in the picture above can also be found on this blog.  

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Hi! Thank you so much for this great post! Would it be okay for me to include your fall poem in a round-up blog post I am working on (10 fall poems for young readers)? (Permission to link to your site and possibly use one of the images to show your poem?) I would be so honored, and of course I would leave a link to this page to tell people where it came from! :) My blog is Thank you!

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