Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hooray for the 50th day & Halloween!

  One of the things that I love about being a kindergarten teacher is getting to celebrate things you wouldn't normally think twice about, like the 50th day of school.  If you think about it, it's a pretty big milestone for the kinders, and frankly me too. It's 50 days of being in a new school, 50 days of learning school rules, 50 days of making new friends and 50 days of being a BIG kid.  

Our 50th day began with a dance to the songs At The Hop and La Bamba.  I have an kids aerobic CD and it just so happened to have a few 50's songs on it. It was cute watching my boys and girls all dressed up in 50's attire dancing.  The picture above is one of the decorations that I had hanging around the room.  
I used this Then & Now sort to compare and contrast life in the 50's with life today.   This sort was a freebie from Eberhart's Explorers.
My class had the opportunity to play with a few popular toys from the 50's.  They experimented with Silly Putty, Slinkys, Hula Hoops, a train and Jacks. They also explored a rotary dial telephone, skateboard, record player and a Meadowbrook car (pictured below) all from the 50's.  
My creative team member made this life size 50 for the kids to walk thru when they entered the room.  Not only did we have fun- we also practiced writing to 50 and counting to 50 by ones and tens.  I found these resources for free from Latoya Reed and Teaching Resource Resort.  While the kids were working on writing numbers to 50 I played Rockin' Robin and Mashed Potato Time(which they loved).

I also had my class practice making sentences with this cute product from Primary Possibilities.

I made a list of things that they DON'T want 50 of... I must admit this activity was very in enlightening! Ha!
 Here is a picture of my adorable poodle skirt my aunt made for me.  It actually has my two Scotty dogs on it! My kinders also made record and wrote numbers that were less than 50 on them (This idea came from The First Grade Parade).  The badge in the center of the record is from A Spoonful of Learning

At the end of the day we made Root Beer Floats.  First, we made a list of the ingredients we needed and then sequenced the order in which to make it.  Afterwards, I had them write in their journals about how to make a Root Beer Float (forgot to take a pic).

We watched these videos from the 50's.

Not only did we had a fun 50th day of school we also had a great Halloween. Here are a few things we did..
 We read many Halloween books these were a few of their favorites.

We made Candy Corns and ghosts to decorate our classroom.  The Candy Corns came from Doodlebugs Teaching they are a freebie.  I changed them up a little by having the kids paint the colors. The ghost came from Clean & Sensible via Pinterest.

We watched a Halloween movie and ate popcorn instead of a party. 

Have you ever watched the If You're A Kid videos from Harry Kindergarten?  If you haven't please check them out my class loves them.

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