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For the last few weeks my class has been going crazy over space! They absolutely LOVE anything that is space related, and are truly excited to learn as much as they can about the topic.  So, me, being the nice teacher that I am, gave them what they want... 

We started our journey into the world unknown by recording our schema on the chart above.

I read many books about space these are some of my favorites.

I used this book to introduce the planets.  

My class loved this chart! We added facts below each planet as we learned about them.  We also learned about the sun, and decided to add it to the chart (even though it's not a planet) to record the information that we learned.

Next, I recorded their new learning on the chart, and found a few misconceptions (things we thought were true, but turned out not to be).   An example of a misconception (this will make you laugh) was that penguins live on Pluto.  My little kinder truly believed this, but the rest of the class knew that this didn't sound right, especially because we just learned about penguins.  Ah, 5 year olds say the funniest things!

Next, we read the  book Life in Space and learned all about what astronauts do.   We filled out this anchor chart as we read.  This anchor chart came from here

My class used the chart above to write about astronauts.

To top it off, we made ourselves into astronauts! They turned out amazing, if I don't say so myself!

We read this book about the Moon.

I made this fun chart to put our Moon facts on.  The idea for this chart came from here.

Here are a couple of Space units that I added to our center rotations this week. I rolled up foil, and called them Moon rocks.  In the Moon rocks I put stars that have CVC and CVCE words written on them.  The object was to read the word on the star, and sort it under long or short vowels.  Then, write and read all the words in each category.  

This is one of my older centers that is in desperate need of an update! The object of this center is to fill in the blanks of the sentence, and write it on a white board.  I heard A LOT of giggles coming from this center!

I did a directed space drawing. I found my inspiration for this here.
We drew with a pencil first, and colored it in. Then, we took black watercolor and painted over it.

Here is the finished product.

One of my talented students made me a list of all the planets.  I love this!

Here are a few YouTube video that my class enjoyed.

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