Monday, October 1, 2012


 We had a blast learning about colors!  Here are some highlights from last week.

Rainbow Hair was our poem for the week.  I found this poem on Mrs Jump's Class blog.  The Rainbow Hair art was simple and fun!  I gave each child a circle and different color strips of paper for the hair.  

We used Bingo markers to dot our names in a rainbow. 

We learned about each color of the rainbow.  I made a chart for each color we studied and had my kinders brainstorm about things that were that color. 

Rainbow writing is a fun way to have kinders practice writing their names.  

We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? 

I found these on Doodle Bugs Teaching blog.  They were easy to make all I did was cut, laminate, and put a magnet on the back.  I used them to retell the story.  

My class had fun making their own Brown Bear book to take home and read to their families.  I found this book at Eberharts Explorers  one of my favorite blogs. 

My class used this pocket chart activity to practice sorting colors during centers.

I came up with this fun sorting center that my class loved.  My friend donated a box of these little plastic containers that are used to store chips at the casinos.  My dad informed me that they are called, "gaming chip racks" in case anyone wants to know.  Im sure everyone needs to know that ha! Anyway  I taped two together and stuck a color label in each one.  Next, I filled a tub with rice and a ton of little knick knacks.  Here is the fun part... the kinders used tweezers to pick up the items and sort them in their proper space.  WARNING... this is an extremely messy center but so much fun! 

We graphed our favorite colors... pink was the winner! 

Have a great day!
Miss H.


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