Monday, May 7, 2012

Plants Rock!

Hi friends! My kinders are in the process of learning about plants.  Check it out!

You and I both know how crucial it is to find good books that complement what our teaching.  I ordered these books from Scholastic with my bonus points. The pictures in the books are beautiful which is why my class loves them.  The content is meaningful but simple... perfect for kindergarten!

My kindergartners learned about the parts of a plant.  The picture below shows my large science notebook that came with the science curriculum.  

We made a diagram of the parts of a plant.  I know... it's not beautiful but it did the trick.  

Opps I cut off the word flowers.

They got to demonstrate what they learned by drawing and labeling their own diagram.

We planted a vegetable garden in the Root-VUE Farm.  I purchased this at LakeShore and I am so glad that I did.  It is a great way for the kids to observe how quickly roots grow.  

We planted carrots, radishes, and onions.  On the two ends we planted a radish and carrot seed. This picture was taken before the roots and seeds began to grow.  

Everyday we record our observations on this chart.  

Each student in my class planted their own grass.  It's their responsibility to take care of it.  I placed the grass under a grow light... fingers crossed hope it grows!

Here is a fun experiment to do with your class.  

1. Save an avocado pit
         2.  Put four toothpicks in it
     3.  Fill a cup full of water
                                                            4.  Place the pit inside the cup (it doesn't need to be fully submerged).  

                                                            Hopefully a plant we grow.

I asked my class to make a prediction whether or not a plant could or would grow out of these pits.  Most of my class doesn't believe it's possible.

I found these magnifying glasses at the dollar store.  The kids use them to observe all of the growth that has been occurring.

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