Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Peasy Ideas for Reading Groups

 So... we meet again!  Two times in one week... how awesome is that? Tonight I wanted to share with you a few instructional activities that can be used in your small groups. There is nothing fancy about what I am about to show it's actually quite the opposite.   I have found that these activities are simple enough you can prepare them on the spot.  

Opps ...  I made a mistake on the "Q" it should have a lowercase "q" instead of a "u."

I have a few students who are still learning their alphabet.  This is one of the activities that I use to help them make letter sound connections.  I found these alphabet tubs at LakeShore and although they are a little pricy I broke down and purchased them.  I am so glad that I did because I use them in my small groups, centers, and during instruction.  As you can see in the picture, I write down the letter on a sentence strip and cut it like a puzzle.  My students match uppercase to lowercase letters.  Next, I give them a toy from a tub and they have to place it on the letter that has the same beginning sound.  These cards are taken home in their nightly book bags for a little extra practice. 

Here is a simple way to have your students practice sentence structure and conventions.  I have my students choose a sentence from their book or write their own.  I copy it on a sentence strip and cut it out like a puzzle for them to take home and practice putting it back together.

Word rings are an important staple in my small groups.  Each child has a ring that they take home each night and read.  High frequency words are gradually added to their words rings.   

I use Post it notes to practice beginning and ending sounds.  Each child in my group will have two Post it notes in front of them.  I say a word and they have to slap the Post it that has the correct placement of the sound.  If I say "ham" they would have to slap the Post it on the right that represents the ending sound.  

Here is another tool I use to practice beginning, middle, and ending sounds.  With this activity I will say a word and they have to stretch the word while they are writing it.  Then I have them point to the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.  This is an open ended activity that you can change to suit your needs.  At the beginning of the year I used this activity to practice letters and sounds.   

These alphabet cards are from Hooked on Phonics.  I used these to review letter names and sounds at the beginning of the year.  I am still using these cards with my group that still needs alphabet practice.

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