Monday, March 19, 2012

Tee Hee Hee You'll Never Catch me!

Happy Monday!!  

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making shamrock necklaces.   I whipped up some salt dough and used my shamrock cookie cutter to create the 3 leaf clover shape.  They were baked on low heat until they were hard.  The next day, my class painted them green to resemble a shamrock.  As you can see, they are no longer green...... the sneaky leprechaun came and turned them gold!  All I did was spray paint gold on them and add some gold glitter.  My class was SHOCKED that the leprechaun had done this.  

We also went on a scavenger hunt to find the leprechaun!  Of course he outsmarted us again!  However, he did leave us a beautiful painted rainbow along with some gold coins for our trouble.  

Check out these adorable leprechauns that my class made.  I got the idea from The Art of Teaching: A Kindergarten Blog.  They turned out so cute!

Here are a couple of my favorite St. Patrick's Day books.  They were a big hit!  

We glued the poem My Little Shamrock in our poetry books.   If anyone knows who the author is please let me know.  Boy, was that a fun week!!


Anonymous said...

Was the scavenger hunt in your room only or did you have it outside as well?

Miss H said...

I made 4 clues that I placed around the school. The first clue took us to the office, the second clue took us outside a classroom, the third clue took us to the playground where I had the rainbow hanging with the gold coins. The kids loved it!

Unknown said...

I looked for the author of the poem, with no luck, but this website has a lot of cute St Patty's Day songs!

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