Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Day

  Hello there! Welcome back! Last week in kindergarten world we learned about Earth, and what we can do to take care of it.  

Here are the highlights...
I started out the week by reading a lot of non fiction books about taking care of our Earth.  The books pictured above have good information, and the kids really enjoy them!

After we read many books about Earth we filled out this chart.  

My class used the chart above to write about what they learned about Earth.

My kinders learned about how the Earth is made of land, air, and water.  I purchased this mini unit from Kristen Smith.  It's a perfect edition to my Earth Day unit.  

My class sorted pictures that are in the air, water, and land (this sort is included in mini unit).  

Each child in my class brought in one item that can be recycled.  The recyclable items are then sorted into the appropriate bag.  The reason why you don't see a glass bag is because I am the one in charge of bringing in glass that way their are no accidents!

To tie it all together I made this board using the recyclable items that they brought in.  I sorted each item under cardboard, glass, metal, paper, and plastic and then typed up things that can be made out of that material.
One of the best field trips I take my class on is to our local dump and recycling center.  My kinders see first hand how much garbage from our community goes into a landfill.   Also, they learn about how the items we recycle are separated and turned into something new.   

We made this recycling book to show different things that can be recycled.  This book was a freebie from A Teachable Teacher it can be found here

After learning about recycling we turned our focus on composting.  The wonderful school I work for has the kids make compost out of the food that is thrown away.  This compost then makes its way into our Growing Domes to grow vegetables and fruits.  
I had my class watch this cute Peppa Pig cartoon all about composting.  Afterwards, I used the recycling and composting anchor charts above to have my class sort pictures of things that can be recycled or composted. 

My class loves making hats! We make them for everything!  I was so excited to find this adorable Earth Day hat.  Find it here.

Looking for some Earth Day videos to show your class? 
Look no further...

Harry Kindergarten - Going Green

Harry Kindergarten - If You're a kid(Earth Day Remix) 
My class LOVES these!

Jack Johnson- Recycling Song 3R's 

Happy Earth Day! 


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