Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oviparous Animals

Hi there! I'm excited to blog about one of my favorite units of study... OVIPAROUS animals! "What are they," and "What does this word mean,"... were the questions that we set out to find the answers to!  Rest assured it all worked out in the end and now my lovely kindergartners (which are now first graders!!) became mini experts about oviparous animals.  

I wanted to find an attention grabber to introduce what an oviparous animal is, so I searched a few blogs and low and behold found this great idea from Sprinkles to Kindergarten.  First, I found a large egg and filled it with animals that lay eggs.  My kinders made a few guesses about which animals lay eggs, then we opened it up and found out if their predictions were correct.

We sorted animal pictures into two categories, oviparous and non- oviparous. 

 I also put oviparous and non oviparous animals in eggs and the class sorted them.  This was a great center activity to practice what they had learned.

In the picture above the class picked one oviparous animal and drew a picture of it inside their egg.  Next, they wrote a sentence about what they had learned.

                  We learned about the life cycle of a chicken by reading these non fiction books.  
                            The picture below shows the life cycle of a chicken anchor chart .
Our oviparous animals unit culminated with a trip to the Farm where the kids got to hold a real chicken! This blew their minds!  Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend!

Miss H.


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