Sunday, April 22, 2012

Down On The Farm

Hello Bloggers!  For the last couple of weeks I have been teaching a G.L.A.D unit on the farm.  Take a look at what we have been learning.

 We started our farm unit by filling out part of a KWL chart (KWL stands for know, want to know, learned).   At the end of the unit we will fill out the "learned" column.   

There are so many great books about farms!  Don't you agree? The books pictured above are some of my favorites.

This is my Cognitive Content Dictionary (CCD).  If you have never taught a G.L.A.D unit you probably are wondering what this is.  Well, it's actually quite simple, at the beginning of my lesson I  introduce a vocabulary word.  We discuss the meaning of the word and write it on the CCD.  The CCD can be used to teach vocabulary words that have to do with the a unit of study.  A new word is introduced each day and a movement is made up to help remember the definition. 

This short story comes from the Houghtin Mifflin Language Arts Curriculum.  We read this story and then completed the chart below.

Check back soon to see more of my farm unit.  

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Those look interesting. Keep posting.


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