Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Spring..... Goodbye Winter!

Over the past week my class has been learning about spring.  Take a look a look at what we did.

We learned all about spring by reading fiction and non fiction books.  These are some of my favorites.

Have you ever heard of Brain Pop Jr. ?   It is an educational website that has standard based short movies (about 5 minutes long).   The topics range from Language Arts, Math, Science, and  Social Studies.  I like to use these movies to introduce and reteach lessons.  The class really enjoys the characters and the content.   Recently, my class watched one on spring.  

We brainstormed about what we learned about spring.  After we brainstormed I glued real pictures of spring to our chart.  The class used this chart to write in their journals about spring.

We created spring art with a dash of math thrown in.  To create this art we used watercolors and green paper.  I directed them on how to paint each flower by using shapes.  The white piece of paper below the painting is a fill in the blank word problem. 


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